Peace on Earth

“Peace on Earth, good will toward men.”

sun rising over the earth

This is a common expression you hear every year during the Christmas holiday season, if you really wish for peace, let me suggest this:

Make peace first with the face you see in the mirror every day. Until you come to accept yourself, your flaws, both real and imagined, you can never fully accept others and make peace with them. The elements of everything you love about yourself, and hate about them, exist in the both of you, in that way you are kindred. Learn to forgive yourself of your flaws, weaknesses, and others of theirs, then your heart will truly know peace.



A Labor Day Thought

Something to think about:

If you are doing something for someone, don’t think of it as a “chore,” or a “duty,” that must be performed, consider it as an act of love for the other. Say for instance you prepare and serve your family a meal, it is not merely an act you are obliged to do, it is you loving your family.

If you are on the receiving end of a service, even if it is a service you have paid for, show your gratitude by saying “thank you.” And most certainly, if you are the recipient of a service given freely, show your appreciation wholeheartedly. Even if it is an everyday occurrence that you are served at the family table, treat it as an act of love, not something that’s expected of the other. Give appreciation, return that love.

Labor, when performed with love, is no labor at all.


Life Love

The Little Things

Here’s an example of how my life is, and how everything is always working out for me.

As some of my friends know I find things during my walks all the time, tools, money, etc.  In the money category I find small change, mostly pennies.  Well, after a while they build up, and I take them to my bank, and put them in the coin machine for processing.  After they are processed, it spits out a slip, you take the to a teller and she gives you something other than pennies.

Today my bag of pennies came to nighty-nine cents, not a dollar, just nighty-nine cents.  So, today it’s a long line, and I’m talking to this guy about why we are standing in line, and I mention my nighty-nine cents.  He offers me a penny to make it a dollar, and I say, “That’s ok, I’ll be on my walk later and most likely I’ll find another penny, and that will make a dollar.”  I go to the teller, get my nighty-nine cents, and head out to the car.  I’m walking along the sidewalk outside the bank, and just before I get to my car I see not one penny, but three!  Yup, my life is great!

Hopefully my friends will get this story, it’s about the “little things.” These are the small, almost unnoticeable blessings of life that come your way that we pay no attention to, that we have no gratitude for, but we should because it is part banquet of life that has been placed before us.

How rich your life is depends on how you count.

Life is a blessing, be grateful for it all, enjoy!


Art Nature Photography


Typical Iris

I have a friend who has been after me to post more of my botanical work, so here it is.

Art Life Nature Photography Wildlife

Mattie’s Bush

huge butterfly bush
Mattie’s Bush

There is a Lantana bush in my front yard I call “Mattie’s Bush,” because my friend and wildlife photographer Mattie Bryant would spend hours photographing it from every angle.

Life Love Poetry

Welcome My Love

Even before I understood my need for you, saw your face, heard your voice, or kissed your lips, you were there.

I have seen myself reflected in your eyes as you touched me while whispering the depths of your heart.

You have been my soft place, my wise counsel, my inspiration, my sun parting the dark clouds in moments of doubt.

You have been my tender lover, lifting me to such heights I could easily gather stars.

We have shared horizons, seasons, laughter, tears.

With sorrow you have scattered my dust to the wind on a lone mountain top, only to smile when you realized I was still there.

Everything is as intended, from the moment a first step made, the journey is complete.

The path for us has been long, each day a stepping stone closer to this moment.

Oh, there you are my love, welcome.

I knew you were with me all the long, I could feel you.

Life Love

The Holiday Season 2012

The message I have this year is so simply clear, and it can be summed up in just one four letter word.


I have so many friends, in so many places, scattered all over the globe.  They are of all different nationalities, races, and religions, and they all have one thing in common other than being my friend, it’s the love they have for their families, and others.  I am very grateful to have the privilege of being your friend, thank you.  So, in the spirit of the season, I wish you all Happy Holidays, and a prosperous, joyful, New Year!


Life Love Motorcycles Photography

It Is My Birthday Today

victory cross roads sunset red
My New Victory

It is my Birthday today, I had planned to go riding on my new motorcycle all day as is my tradition.  But, that’s not the way it turned out.  I woke up this morning at 2:00 AM.  I am not sure why, but I did, and I could not for the life of me go back to sleep.  After three hours of not sleeping, I decided to get up and start my day.  I followed my normal routine of eating, exercise, bathing, and getting set for my day.  The only problem was, I was groggy, tired, just plain shot.

I had purchased a new Victory the day before, and because the process was so drawn out, I returned too late, and too tired to clean and prepare for the next day.  So, new plan, clean now, ride later.  It didn’t happen, I was just too tired.  The best I could manage was lunch with a dear friend.  After a late afternoon nap, I did manage to wash my new prize, and hopefully detailing will follow tomorrow.

If there is anything that could be called a sin, I have committed it today.  Hopefully, this post will correct my error, my sin.  What was my sin?  This entire day, I have yet to express my gratitude for all the wonderful things I have in my life.  You would think that I would be thrilled at the fact I have a beautiful new bike, no, I am complaining about how I am too tired to wash it.  I have had friends wishing me well from five different counties, Face Book wall posts, private messages, voice mails, phone calls.  But, did I stop and take a moment to feel grateful for their friendship, and love?  No, I didn’t, apparently I’m an ass.

In the past year, my friends have been there for me, supported me when my Mom passed, kept me going, and even assisted in my new enterprises.  Then there are the new friends I have made lately, wonderful, everyone.  One in particular, has had such a profound effect, I am amazed at my luck to have met her, and have her in my life.

So now I must attempt to correct my error, my sin.  Thank you for all the wonderful things I have in my life, my friends, family, every good thing that has ever come my way. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


Art Life Nature Photography

Early Morning Color

Hibiscus on my back deck.

When I went into the kitchen this morning a flash of color caught my eye, a bud on my Hibiscus had opened.  I have had this plant for years, if memory serves, since 2005, it didn’t cost much, maybe $25 USD, you can find them for a similar price at any home center.  This is the same one featured in “On My Back Deck,” a post I had made some time back.  It’s not had an easy life, neglected, not watered, battered by the storms, frost bitten, etc.  In other words, it’s had the typical treatment a single man would give it.  I am amazed at how it’s “hung in there,” managed to survive, and bloom year after year.

I think we could all take a lesson from this simple plant, no matter how rough things get, how beaten up we are by life, we should stay resilient and keep in mind that someday soon, the sun will shine, and we will bloom once again.




angryI am constantly amused and saddened at the way folks are, I  was at Wal-Mart this morning coming out of the store, I was headed back to my car, and  I hear “you f***ing a**hole!”  This wasn’t all I heard, I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate, but, I will tell you it was a torrent of angry obscenities.  They were all coming from a woman and being directed at an elderly man who had just parked his truck.  So why all the fuss?  The woman was driving an older SUV that was pulling a rather long camper, and she had parked it by pulling through several parking spaces and he had just parked in a spot one space past her.  Just to make things clear, this wasn’t at the back of the lot where you would expect to park a  trailer rig, no, not at all!  This was very close to the front, near of one of the store entrances.  It was early,  there were lots of open spots and room to maneuver if she was careful, but she should have known better.

It’s most likely the old man didn’t even notice where he was parking, or understand he might have been blocking her, and I don’t think he did it on purpose.  But, her reaction was as if he had done it to spite her for parking where she did.  She didn’t even attempt, “excuse me sir? could you park elsewhere? I’m getting ready to pull out and I need the room.”  Nope, she just launched into her tirade, the moment the man heard her he just started to walk away quickly, trying to avoid the conflict and get away.  Funny thing is, even after throwing a fit,  she was still able to pull out, no problem, with room to spare.

And the benefit to all of her raving?  None, she would have still been able to pull out without her useless tirade, if anything she made herself feel worse by getting upset.  Then there’s her “victim” in all of this, what were his feelings during, and after her verbal assault?  We’ll never know, but I would say most likely not good!  Sad thing is, I have seen people like this woman before, they go through life angry, THEY are the victims, or so they would say, the world never gives THEM a break, everyone is out to get them, etc.  It’s too bad that they feel like victims, and life is “unfair,” or what other terms they might use, but they victimize their own selves, with their thoughts, words and deeds.  From the condition of her SUV, (old) and trailer, (ratty) prosperity was not something enjoyed in her world.  The trailer was obviously her and her companion’s home, they were not on vacation, it had Illinois plates, and they took the southbound ramp to the Interstate, most likely heading to Florida, where there’s a job to be had, that won’t work out, because the new boss is a…….  well, you can guess that one!

Lesson:  Mind your thoughts, words, actions, you only harm yourself, if someone inadvertently gets in your way, causes problems, harms you, temper your reaction  with patience, kindness, everyone make mistakes, don’t let your’s be one of anger.