Be Here Now

Be here NOW.

You cannot change yesterday, no matter how much you try. Thinking of past mistakes or hurts robs you of living in the present.  Even fond memories of good times are thieves of the moment, taking from present life, so don’t dwell there long.  The past is no place to live, it’s landscape is barren of possibilities.

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Do you have a competitive or creative spirit?

Before you answer consider this:

Most of you have seen the Daffy Duck cartoon where he finds a ton of gold in a cave and wants it all. He’s screaming “mine! mine! mine! go! go! go! it’s all mine!”  He has more gold than he can possibly use, yet, he won’t share.  His limitless supply to him seems to have limits.  He won’t share the opportunity for better things with anyone, his only focus being lack, need, and want.  This is the competitive spirit.  And we all know how it worked out for the Duck!  The competitive spirit is only concerned with getting theirs, or, “I’ll get them before they get me.”  The competitive spirit creates opportunity only for themselves.

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“If I found a pot of Gold.”

orange notice
Get Out

My neighborhood has been changing the past few months.  Due to the economy some families have lost their homes and been evicted.  Just recently I was taking one of my walks on a overcast Sunday morning.  It had been raining and the air was still misty and damp.  In the early morning gloom a spot of bright orange caught my eye.  Then I noticed the foreground, littered on the front lawn and driveway were household belongings.  Most of us have seen this before, the evicted parties possessions dumped on the street.  The orange notice pulled me in, normally I would have just walked on, after all, it’s not any of my business is it?  Then I saw the children’s toys, I decided to go back for my camera and photograph the scene.