Goodbye 2011

In a few hours 2011 will be over.  I’ve had some mixed feelings about it, in a lot of ways it has been a rough year.  I have had two of my 2010 wedding clients lose their Mothers to cancer, both died too young, a friend lost his brother, and in the same month endured … More Goodbye 2011


Thanksgiving is here, the kickoff of the holiday season and shopping madness.  I wonder how many of us stop and take a moment to be truly grateful for the wonderful things we have in our lives on this “special” day.

The Gift

Monday I posted “It’s My Birthday Today” a celebration of all the wonderful “gifts” in my life.  Little did I know on that day I would receive a fantastic gift from people whom I had just met!  

Be Here Now

Be here NOW. You cannot change yesterday, no matter how much you try. Thinking of past mistakes or hurts robs you of living in the present.  Even fond memories of good times are thieves of the moment, taking from present life, so don’t dwell there long.  The past is no place to live, it’s landscape is barren … More Be Here Now

Do you have a competitive or creative spirit?

Before you answer consider this: Most of you have seen the Daffy Duck cartoon where he finds a ton of gold in a cave and wants it all. He’s screaming “mine! mine! mine! go! go! go! it’s all mine!”  He has more gold than he can possibly use, yet, he won’t share.  His limitless supply to him seems to have … More Do you have a competitive or creative spirit?