angryI am constantly amused and saddened at the way folks are, I  was at Wal-Mart this morning coming out of the store, I was headed back to my car, and  I hear “you f***ing a**hole!”  This wasn’t all I heard, I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate, but, I will tell you it was a torrent of angry obscenities.  They were all coming from a woman and being directed at an elderly man who had just parked his truck.  So why all the fuss?  The woman was driving an older SUV that was pulling a rather long camper, and she had parked it by pulling through several parking spaces and he had just parked in a spot one space past her.  Just to make things clear, this wasn’t at the back of the lot where you would expect to park a  trailer rig, no, not at all!  This was very close to the front, near of one of the store entrances.  It was early,  there were lots of open spots and room to maneuver if she was careful, but she should have known better.

It’s most likely the old man didn’t even notice where he was parking, or understand he might have been blocking her, and I don’t think he did it on purpose.  But, her reaction was as if he had done it to spite her for parking where she did.  She didn’t even attempt, “excuse me sir? could you park elsewhere? I’m getting ready to pull out and I need the room.”  Nope, she just launched into her tirade, the moment the man heard her he just started to walk away quickly, trying to avoid the conflict and get away.  Funny thing is, even after throwing a fit,  she was still able to pull out, no problem, with room to spare.

And the benefit to all of her raving?  None, she would have still been able to pull out without her useless tirade, if anything she made herself feel worse by getting upset.  Then there’s her “victim” in all of this, what were his feelings during, and after her verbal assault?  We’ll never know, but I would say most likely not good!  Sad thing is, I have seen people like this woman before, they go through life angry, THEY are the victims, or so they would say, the world never gives THEM a break, everyone is out to get them, etc.  It’s too bad that they feel like victims, and life is “unfair,” or what other terms they might use, but they victimize their own selves, with their thoughts, words and deeds.  From the condition of her SUV, (old) and trailer, (ratty) prosperity was not something enjoyed in her world.  The trailer was obviously her and her companion’s home, they were not on vacation, it had Illinois plates, and they took the southbound ramp to the Interstate, most likely heading to Florida, where there’s a job to be had, that won’t work out, because the new boss is a…….  well, you can guess that one!

Lesson:  Mind your thoughts, words, actions, you only harm yourself, if someone inadvertently gets in your way, causes problems, harms you, temper your reaction  with patience, kindness, everyone make mistakes, don’t let your’s be one of anger.


By Terry Cavender

Professional photographer, writer, living and working in the Atlanta Georgia area.

One reply on “Really??”

Just reading what this woman did was getting my blood pressure high. It’s sad that we dwell in misery and have a mind of scarcity while blaming others for it. That woman needs a mirror to reflect how much she not only harms others but herself. You reap what you sow…

Thanks Terry for reminding us that our words must be sweet or we may choke on them!

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