I have a friend who has been after me to post more of my botanical work, so here it is.

Mattie’s Bush

There is a Lantana bush in my front yard I call “Mattie’s Bush,” because my friend and wildlife photographer Mattie Bryant would spend hours photographing it from every angle.

Mattie’s Eyes

Mattie’s eyes are of the deepest brown, they see. Mattie’s eyes see. The single drop of morning dew on a flower’s petal. Mattie’s eyes see. The glowing colors of a rainbow under cloudy skies. Mattie’s eyes see. Jewels on the beach cast up by a generous sea. Mattie’s eyes see. The full Moon set against … More Mattie’s Eyes

On My Back Deck

This hibiscus has been blooming the past few days, just thought I would share it.  I enjoy photographing flowers, it relaxes me.  In the near future I will have a line of greeting cards coming out featuring flower images.