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Welcome My Love

Even before I understood my need for you, saw your face, heard your voice, or kissed your lips, you were there.

I have seen myself reflected in your eyes as you touched me while whispering the depths of your heart.

You have been my soft place, my wise counsel, my inspiration, my sun parting the dark clouds in moments of doubt.

You have been my tender lover, lifting me to such heights I could easily gather stars.

We have shared horizons, seasons, laughter, tears.

With sorrow you have scattered my dust to the wind on a lone mountain top, only to smile when you realized I was still there.

Everything is as intended, from the moment a first step made, the journey is complete.

The path for us has been long, each day a stepping stone closer to this moment.

Oh, there you are my love, welcome.

I knew you were with me all the long, I could feel you.


This is dedicated to she that I have yet to meet, how wonderful it is to have her.  Thanks to my friend Abraham for the inspiration of the last line of the poem.


By Terry Cavender

Professional photographer, writer, living and working in the Atlanta Georgia area.

2 replies on “Welcome My Love”

Thank you Mary, your comment is high praise. It is the goal of every poet or writer to stimulate the imagination of the reader to the point where visualization is possible. Hearing that I have achieved that with a reader pleases me very much. Visualizations can become reality if you let them. Just hold on to them as if they were already yours, and sooner than you think, they are.

this is such an AWESOME poem- I actually feel and hear a voice as I read it!!! so compelling, almost riveting for lack of a better word.

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