Three Things You Should Know

You may have just started your search for the right wedding photographer or you may have been looking for some time now. Wedding magazines, books and TV programs all give advice on what to shop for.   There are hundreds of options for prints, books and albums.   Every photographer offers something different.  It can be so confusing. Please apply these criteria to me or any other photographer you consider.

bride's bouquet detail

The Images

Look at the images. Can you see yourself in them and being photographed that way?   Do they speak to your heart?  If you look at them, and understand the emotion of the moment, then you have found what you are looking for.

The Photographer

Your photographer will be spending a large amount of time with you on your wedding day. That said, personality is a big factor in selecting a photographer.   Would you enjoy somebody funny?  Serious?   Could you be with them all day?   Do they make you feel confident and secure?   What is their experience?   Does it seem as if they are well organized? Do they plan ahead and have backup equipment?   They should also be a legitimate business with a license and business insurance.   Any professional photographer should have no problem answering these last questions.

The Price

This is the last thing to consider.   Granted, everyone has a budget.   Still, I have never seen anyone regret spending the money for something they really LOVED.   Keep in mind, wedding photography is an art form, and if done correctly, your wedding photography will be a unique piece of art that you and your photographer have created together.  Sometimes a wedding book or album is the first original art a couple owns.

Overall it is a balance between the above criteria and what you can afford.   If you LOVE the images, and the photographer is the one that makes you smile, and they have a way to make it possible to commission them, then you are there!

Terry Cavender