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Dried Indian Corn
Typical Thanksgiving Image

Thanksgiving is here, the kickoff of the holiday season and shopping madness.  I wonder how many of us stop and take a moment to be truly grateful for the wonderful things we have in our lives on this “special” day.

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A New Page

Small Bloom
Small Bloom

I have added a new page to this Blog, it’s my reading list for books on The Law of Attraction,

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It’s My Birthday Today

A bit of sunshine for the day.
A bit of sunshine for the day.

As you are reading this I am off on celebration.  Not a quiet one, but boisterous and joyful as it should be on a day like this.  

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Jade Green

Jade green pools reflect my soul.

Around them waves of red-gold fire dance.

They cascade over alabaster bluffs and flow toward the valley of life.

The sun comes out and warms me.

Red rose petals part and invite, I draw near and crush sweet nectar from them.

Soft willow limbs embrace and hold me close.

Entwined, two now one.

I breathe deep, contentment.

Bliss, Bliss, Bliss.

I am home.