The Joy of Being Yourself

girl jumping
My Niece Playing

Do you remember how it was when you were young and you played?   All caught up in the moment, carefree and lost in the sheer pleasure of just being yourself?   Or perhaps as an adult, when there was a time you felt so good if you were any happier, you just might fly?  You should always feel just that way, happy and joyful.  I believe that when you are in that emotional state, you are most truly yourself.

I photograph without expectation, or some preconceived idea of how I think things should be.   As a photographer I want to capture my clients in the moment of their joy, what ever that may be for them.  I learned a long time ago that photos are more than just “pretty pictures,” there is emotion behind the image, and in that emotion, the essence of who my clients really are.   When I have that “essence” in an image, I feel I have successfully practiced my art.

Terry Cavender