Welcome My Love

Even before I understood my need for you, saw your face, heard your voice, or kissed your lips, you were there. I have seen myself reflected in your eyes as you touched me while whispering the depths of your heart. You have been my soft place, my wise counsel, my inspiration, my sun parting the … More Welcome My Love

Mattie’s Eyes

Mattie’s eyes are of the deepest brown, they see. Mattie’s eyes see. The single drop of morning dew on a flower’s petal. Mattie’s eyes see. The glowing colors of a rainbow under cloudy skies. Mattie’s eyes see. Jewels on the beach cast up by a generous sea. Mattie’s eyes see. The full Moon set against … More Mattie’s Eyes

Jade Green

Jade green pools reflect my soul. Around them waves of red-gold fire dance. They cascade over alabaster bluffs and flow toward the valley of life. The sun comes out and warms me. Red rose petals part and invite, I draw near and crush sweet nectar from them. Soft willow limbs embrace and hold me close. … More Jade Green