Recently someone asked me what I was looking for in a client.  For me that has always been a difficult question to answer, it’s more a feeling than verbal description.  I know what I am looking for when I am speaking with a potential client on the phone, or interviewing them in person, I can “feel” if there is a connection.  My potential clients may not realize this, but, during our meeting, as they are interviewing me to be their photographer, I am interviewing them.  I am looking for that “good fit” with my artistic style and vision of what I want to create.  Why?  Because photography is a co-creation, a product of the artist’s talent and the client’s essence.  A great client is one who will take a creative journey with me, be just as excited as I am to go that extra step to create something special.  It benefits us both, I expand and advance as an artist, and they have a beautiful art piece that is very much unique and “them.”