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Dried Indian Corn
Typical Thanksgiving Image

Thanksgiving is here, the kickoff of the holiday season and shopping madness.  I wonder how many of us stop and take a moment to be truly grateful for the wonderful things we have in our lives on this “special” day.

Or, to even pause daily to reflect on their good fortune that they have in their life:

  • Loving family friends around them.
  • A roof over their head and a warm bed to sleep in.
  • Enough to eat.
  • Good health.
  • A job or career that fulfills their needs.
  • Those little things in life that give them joy.
  • Happiness and contentment.
  • That they woke up today and that all of the above is possible, just for the asking of it.

Happy Thanksgiving, I am truly grateful for you all.


By Terry Cavender

Professional photographer, writer, living and working in the Atlanta Georgia area.

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