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I Love Fall In North Georgia

A Happy Greeting
A Happy Greeting

Anyone that knows me will tell you I love my North Georgia mountains.  I had a chance recently to make a trip without my motorcycle and with my camera.  Usually if I have my camera with me in North Georgia it’s because I am shooting a wedding.  On this occasion, I was just on a little shooting trip, just to have some fun.  There is a farm stand that I like to stop at next to the Nottely River, it’s cute, there is a corn maze for the kids, and lots of  pumpkins!  Here are some of the images.

Inside view of pumpkins at the farm stand.
Inside view of pumpkins at the farm stand.

The light coming in from outside caught my eye, I like the way it reveals the texture of pumpkins surface.

Happy Fall Y'all!
Happy Fall Ya’ll!

They have this wagon decorated every year, always something different.  This roadside stand is only open in the Fall.

Busy as Bees
Busy as Bees

There were sunflowers growing next to the corn maze, it seem like every bloom had a bee, or several bees at work on them.

Interesting Pattern
Lots of Yellow

I managed to get a few shots sans bees, it was hard to get a sharp shot, the wind kept the blooms moving.  I don’t know which I like better, this shot in color, or the next image in Black & White.

Fractal Pattern
Fractal Pattern

To be honest, I can’t choose best, each has it’s merits.  The color image is quite vivid, but I don’t know if fractal pattern is less apparent in color.  The pattern is quite obvious in the Black & White, but is it too bland?  A little help here???  Opinions are welcome.  Some days it’s so had to choose!


By Terry Cavender

Professional photographer, writer, living and working in the Atlanta Georgia area.

7 replies on “I Love Fall In North Georgia”

Beautiful photos Terry……… I am totally with you about the North Georgia Mountains, that is why I came here and probably God willing never will leave until I have to. I can’t imagine any place that I would rather live and I have lived all over the world. It warms my heart when I look outside my window and see the trees and the mountains and know that this is home to me.
Come and visit sometime 🙂

What beautiful pictures Terry. My favorite is how you caught the light on the pumpkins. And the sunflowers are glorious also, so many little details. Looked like it was a wonderful, relaxing day!

Have you considered riding it rather than pushing it like a Harley? LOL! You had better hurry and make a trip up, it was low sixties in North Georgia last weekend at mid day, and the leaf color is starting to get good. Almost all of these roadside stands look alike, carry the same items, this is my favorite. Thank you for the kind comment.


Looks just like the roadside market outside Franklin, N.C.

I’m trying to summon the strength to push my BMW R1200-RT back up that way, but it seems to still be August down here in South Florida – too hot for leathers.

Keep carrying that camera and keep up the good work.

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