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The Gift

Me and my Victory
Me and my Victory

Monday I posted “It’s My Birthday Today” a celebration of all the wonderful “gifts” in my life.  Little did I know on that day I would receive a fantastic gift from people whom I had just met!  I was out on my celebration ride and had stopped at one of my favorite spots, the place where I had spoke with “God” in my post “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”  I had been there about five minutes when a van pulled into the lot.  It was a couple from out of state touring North Georgia.  As they came up to me the lady asked, “would you make a picture of us please?”  “Sure, I’ll try if you will tell me the button to push.”  To be honest, amateur cameras intimidate me, they’re small, I can’t see the  view finder well, and there are few controls, far different than my professional cameras!  So, I did my best, took maybe six shots and prayed they worked out, I was totally guessing at how to work the thing!  After taking the pictures I spoke with them for awhile, their names were Cecil and Julie. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary, Cecil is a minister, they had met during a church mission.  They were a really sweet couple and it was a pleasure to get to know them.

Cecil and Julie
New Friends Cecil and Julie

Apparently, I didn’t do such a bad job after all, this morning I got an email from Julie with images attached.  It was great knowing I had got it done for them, but the exciting image was the one Julie had made of me with my bike!  It was so nice!  Best of all, she had sent it full sized!  Since I am usually on the other side of the camera, there are few pictures of me.  Now I can print one for myself, and best of all, print one for my Mom!  She is always wanting pictures of me.  Now I have a picture of me, with my bike, in my favorite place, wearing the new hat my Victory dealer gave me as a birthday present, so cool!  What a gift Cecil and Julie gave me for my birthday!  You know, while I was writing “It’s My Birthday Today”  I had originally wrote, “Wether you met me today, yesterday, known me for thirty years, or all of my life, (hi Mom!) thank you!” then took out the “today” part thinking, “now who will I meet on Monday that will be reading my blog?”   Ok, so now I know, Cecil and Julie!  I guess I should have left the text as it was, because I am certainly grateful for their friendship on that mountain top Monday!

Lesson: Be grateful for the gifts you have yet to receive.


By Terry Cavender

Professional photographer, writer, living and working in the Atlanta Georgia area.

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