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Jade Green

Jade green pools reflect my soul.

Around them waves of red-gold fire dance.

They cascade over alabaster bluffs and flow toward the valley of life.

The sun comes out and warms me.

Red rose petals part and invite, I draw near and crush sweet nectar from them.

Soft willow limbs embrace and hold me close.

Entwined, two now one.

I breathe deep, contentment.

Bliss, Bliss, Bliss.

I am home.

I have never attempted this before, writing poetry, I still don’t know if I have!  These words came to me during a morning walk and stayed.  I don’t know the source for sure, a deep seated longing for something I don’t have at this time perhaps?  Maybe I can blame reading poetry some evenings for enjoyment.  Yes, that might be it, or, do I really need an excuse for inspiration?  The only thing I am sure of is as the words came that morning I felt them and sense of love in them.  Sometimes when you feel something strongly you have to take action, there is no other choice.  So now for better or worse, “Jade Green” exists.

By Terry Cavender

Professional photographer, writer, living and working in the Atlanta Georgia area.

4 replies on “Jade Green”

Who put more into the meaning than they should? ::::looking innocent, way innocent:::::: LOL

Any way you look at it, still a good poem. 🙂

Thanks Steffi,

I have had some interesting responses to this post. (understatement) I think some readers put more into the meaning than they should. I am glad you enjoyed it and understood.


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