Be Here Now

Be here NOW.

You cannot change yesterday, no matter how much you try. Thinking of past mistakes or hurts robs you of living in the present.  Even fond memories of good times are thieves of the moment, taking from present life, so don’t dwell there long.  The past is no place to live, it’s landscape is barren of possibilities.

Be here NOW.

Tomorrow, full of possibilities, yes, but is it a certain possession?  Are you so certain you WILL wake up tomorrow?  Or, make it safely across the street?  We are so used to waking up every morning, getting across the street in one piece, we take the future for granted.  Right, so now maybe you are thinking the future is not so certain after all, what’s that old saying about the best laid plans of mice and men?  So don’t live in the future, thinking of what you could do if you only had the time, more money, better circumstances, or what YOU will say next when the person in front of you stops speaking.  For all of it’s possibilities, the future is just as barren a place to live as the past, because that’s all it is, unrealized possibility.

Be here NOW.

Be here, in the present, not five minutes ago, not five minutes in the future, but NOW, HERE, in the next breath you take, LIVE NOW.  Now is all you have, the past, done, water under the bridge, spilled milk, the future, uncertain, you want certainty?  Your eventual death, it’s all our final destination, yours and mine.  The only thing we truly have is this moment, here and now.  When you are living the moment, you are in charge of what you say, your actions, your future.  The present is ACTIONABLE, the past, set in stone, the future, who knows?  One thing I am certain about is the future is more uncertain if you are not living in the moment.  I’m not saying don’t make plans for the future.  I’m saying the only place you can put those plans in action is in the present, and if you are not in the present to act then they are nothing more than dreams and you are living in them.

Be here NOW.

For yourself, your job, your family, your LIFE.

By Terry Cavender

Professional photographer, writer, living and working in the Atlanta Georgia area.

2 replies on “Be Here Now”

Because if we live in the future too long it becomes a distraction and we lose the moment. You never can tell what may happen next, you could for instance meet two wonderful people in a store and discuss interesting things. Then an hour later find a young girls wallet laying in the middle of I-75 just because your car happened to stop there because of traffic. The future is uncertain at best. I would rather have my “now” the warm smiles of new friends, the sound and fresh smell of tonight’s rain, the simple pleasures of living that money cannot buy. I am not saying to abandon the past and sacrifice the future for the moment, far from it. I see my life as a long line running from one point to the other. When I am still and in my moment, I can turn and look down that line at my past both good and bad and see what it has made me to this moment, then looking forward see the future the man I am today hopes to create. You could say I am living in all three, it’s just one is a bit more murky than the other two. Do I want to do it for as long as I can? You bet! At least for a while longer, I have to return that wallet!


Lol, Terry, I just read in an article about lucidity at nanogenarians, that THEY do live in present – if they still can be in it, enjoy it. Those that cant manage the present live in the past, but FUTURE, our glorious future, is too far away for all of them! So why not live simultaneously in the past, present and future… especially future… as long as we still can???

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